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Afraid to Speak on Stage? try this out.

Tips to improve your speaking confidence
Boost your confidence to communicate in public
Public speaking, most people afraid to this. You are about to give a presentation to Board of Directors of company, to give a lecture in college class room, or need to address crowd in a public function, if your speech is well written & well managed, it can give a boost to your confidence.

But how would you know that your speech is accurate and its not too lengthy. As an average, during the speech, 130 words can be spoken in a minute with a fair speed. If you still not sure about speed & time relation, don't worry, there are some websites out there which can help you to make a good speech.

Read Time
It is very easy to use website, just paste your speech in the given box and after analyzing, the tools will give you the time that your speech will take on stage. It also provides you facility to test your speaking speed, use its stop-watch feature to test your speed. To give a intelligent speech, you can create some pause-breaks on perfect places. Website address is http://www.readtime.eu

Speech in minutes
When you type or paste your speech, it shows the respective time. You can choose options from slow, medium and fast speaking speeds. Website address is http://www.speechinminutes.com

Weather you are a professional speaker or just a beginner, using these tools can improve your speech quality.
Afraid to Speak on Stage? try this out. Afraid to Speak on Stage? try this out. Reviewed by Krishna Ahire on 3:26 PM Rating: 5

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