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Mind Body and Soul

Happy Mind, Healthy Soul
Happy Mind, Healthy Soul
A neat & clean Soul is very necessary to be healthy. if you have emotions like negative feelings, jealous or so much anger in your mind, then you can not have a good health. So, if you really want to get a healthy body, you must work on your feelings for others.

Keep your Mind & Soul Clean

Maximum people do think that they will have a good health if they will take a healthy diet. But this is not 100% true. If you have bad feelings, you can not have a healthy life, it does not matter you are having enough healthy diet. Take a look around you; you will find much peoples who takes a healthy diet, do exercise and take care of their body, but still they are not fit / healthy. The main reason behind this is they have internally bad feelings.

Keep Yourself Calm

If you want a healthy outer body then you should work on your feelings. You must have a neat & clean mind. Just seat alone and look into yourself, you will find that you have Negativity, Anger, Jealous, Worries, Bad Emotions for others. These will not being you healthy. To clean your Mind, you must learn how to handle every situation and increase the art of being Calm. Keep Calm your Mind and do Love to others. After this you will eat anything, it gives a good effect on your Body. Instead of this you may not have a Healthy Body. 

Keep Yourself Always Happy

Don't meet people who make you angry and with whom you feel uncomfortable. Always try to keep distance from the situations which affect your Mind negatively. you should try to keep your emotions polite. If you will work on your Mind, then you don't need trying to have a Healthy Body, and you will Always Feel Happiness. There are lacks of thoughts running in Mind every moment, keep control on your thoughts and think about yourself, do analyze yourself, think about your abilities, your talent, and be thankful to God who gave you such a nice Healthy Life. These thought will make you Happy every time. If you find out yourself; If you find out who you are; then your Life and Body both will be More Healthier automatically. 

Keep Yourself Happy & Have a Healthy Life.
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