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Active & Fresh Morning makes a Happy Day

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Have a Great Sleep and make your Morning Refreshed
You can see a lot of people around you, who wake up very late in the morning and still they feel tired, inactive & full of weakness. You may also find some people who sleep very late in night and wakes up early in the morning, they feel so active and start working on their daily routine easily. They do not face any symptoms of tiredness or weakness. People who feel tired and weakness in the morning, they do not feel better all the day. They can not work as per their skills. The main reason of this weakness is - their mismanaged routine and unhealthy diet. You must try to make your morning fresh and active, give some change to daily boring routine and keep yourself healthy and happy all the day, everyday.
No space for stress
Experts says, you should keep away all your stress before going to bed. You should have a stress free deep sleep. You may not have a good and deep sleep if you have some stress in mind, it doesn't matter how more you try but can not sleep, when a lots of tension and stress you have at the bedtime. This is the biggest cause of feeling tired and weaken in the morning. If you will have a deep sleep, you will have a fresh and happy morning.

Try to wake up early in the morning
Most of the people have a myth that if they will sleep more, rest more will make them healthy and happy. But the fact is completely different, for a normal person a sleep time of 7 - 8 hours is sufficient, it does not matter how tired you are, a good and deep sleep of an average of 7.5 hours is sufficient. do not take less or more sleep per night. You should sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning. If you will have a great sleep, you will feel comfortable and active in the morning, and your all day will be healthy and happy. You must maintain this routine each and everyday, never compromise in weekends, it will affect your working days too.

Keep distance from Tea or Coffee
Many people start their day with a cup of tea or coffee, they believe that if they will not have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, they will not feel active all the day. This is also a myth, the truth behind this is, they are addicted to have a tea or coffee. There is no connection between tea or coffee and to feel active, in-fact these drinks have a lot of caffeine which is very harmful for health. If you really want to start a good day then you may drink some lukewarm water or lemon water. A cup of Green / herbal tea is also a good option to start a day. You can feel the difference within a few days, you will have a good effect on your health and you will feel so active and fresh all the day.
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