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Leadership Crisis - An Enemy of work place

Working together in office
Give some power to other employees in your absence
A good leadership always gives its best and work differently from others but if you did not have some one to take over in your absence, it creates a lot of problems. Your's long vacations, sick leaves and / or your retirement, you must have a proper leadership plan in these situations.

You must train a group of people who can take decision in any difficult or necessary situations, in your absence. It does not mean that you have to give all your business command to another hand; it means you should teach some people about your business' basic requirements.

Distribute responsibilities
Distributed responsibilities makes work easier. If only one person takes control in his hand for every decision, it affect work even in regular situation. Works need more time to get done because sometime the whole team have to wait for a person who controls all things. To keep this situation away from your workplace, make sure you have distributed all responsibilities in a group of employees.

Choose the best replacement
Everyone gets retire from their workplace after a particular time. When you are near to retirement, don't be sentimental and never think about it emotionally. Try to find a best replacement for you before your retirement and try to make some distance from your main responsibilities. You can assist your new employee during the last period of your retirement time.

Give the power
At work place, you must give some powers to employees, who can take proper decision in your long vacations. You can limit the powered area or people. You can give them permission & powers for a limited time.

Create a team
If you want that your absence does not affect any work, you must create a team of experienced people. They must be trustful to you. You should have all knowledge of their working style and their capability to make decisions. If this team will have more employees, no one can take decision alone and it will be good for your company.

Introduce them
It does not matter if you are going for a planned vacation or you have to take off from your work for some unexpected reason, you must introduce your new team to all other employees. You should let them know that, in your absence, all employees must obey the instruction given to them by this team members. By introducing all team members to other employees creates an untold trust between them, which can be used in any other conditions.
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