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Food Poisoning - Be Alert | Causes & Tips to avoid Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning
Food Poisoning can be dangerous in many ways - Stay Alert
After 2-3 hours of having meal, if you feel some pressure / gas / pain in stomach, bloody stool, so much headache, blackness in eyesight or feeling so much weakness; it could be the symptoms of Food Poisoning. The main cause of food poisoning is having meal which is infected by Bacteria, Viruses or any other poisonous elements. It affect very easily to children and old ages, because they have a weak nervous system as comparatively with adults.

The symptoms
On major stage of food poisoning, infected person feels too much strain in breathing. The stomach gets full of gas. Eyes and skin become dull. The person feels too much cold and gets fever. In some cases, by swelling on joints and bloody vomiting, the affected person surrounded by weakness and becomes too weak.

Bacteria and Viruses are the major causes
As per Experts, Infection of Staphylococcus or Ekolay Bacteria are the main causes of food poisoning. It infect the blood, kidney and nervous system. Moreover, Salmonella, Staphylococci and Clostridium Botulinum are also considered as most dangerous viruses to infect the foods. Infection of Clostridium Botulinum is called Botulinum which is the most dangerous infection. It directly infect our nervous system and gives us a major damage.

Other causes
Bacteria do infect food by entering into the food in various types. For example - by urine or stool of humans and animals. When the infected / drainage water used to irrigation of crops, the crops gets infected and use of these food causes food poisoning. After defecation, washing hands is the most important part. If you do not wash your hands properly, it will reflect food poisoning. It does not matter how costly and healthy meal you are having, if you use uncleaned utensils and other instruments to cook them, it could be dangerous. If you are using dairy products and storing them in natural temperature will infect them, dairy products should be stored in proper freezing conditions. Packaged product should be stored as per written instruction.

Some more reasons of food poisoning are, 
  • Frozen things are not stored in proper conditions.
  • Use of raw vegetables and fruits without washing them.
  • Having Half-cooked Meat or Eggs.
  • Drinking dirty or infected water.
  • Eating more than capacity.
What to do
The main thing is to be analyze is, the food not should be costly, infect it should be clean, fresh & digestible. Take more care of cleaning and hygiene. Try your best to keep away food poisoning infection. Don't ignore it and if you are not getting positive result from home treatment / remedies, Visit the doctor as soon as possible.
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