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Travelling? Keep in Touch with Family

A Man travelling, mobile in hand
RoadCast Helps you to get in touch with your family while travelling
Did you hear about RoadCast? It is a two way tracking app, It helps you to communicate with your friends & family while you are on travel, and also gives you options to share your location. It has a very simple user interface, you need to sign up in the app and just choose the option "Create journey" whenever you are ready to travel somewhere. The app will track your location, after that, you can message, chat, email or even share you location with your friends & family through social media websites.

Your family will get a personalized link through RoadCast app and they will be able to locate your current location through that link. It also gives you opportunity to drop marks, make notes for your route. Your followers can see them all. And the best thing is, when your journey ends, you can save this route and this will be available for any future journey. 

RoadCast has a very effective user interface and it works effectively. If you are the one, who travel a lot and also want be located by your family & friends, this app is just for you.
Travelling? Keep in Touch with Family Travelling? Keep in Touch with Family Reviewed by Krishna Ahire on 12:05 PM Rating: 5

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