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How to Get Rid of Water Retention

Water Retention
Storage of access water in body is called water retention.
Priya just noticed some changes in her body. Her body use to start bloating from everywhere. Her rings tightened on her fingers and if she press her skin through her finger, its makes a hole and pumps up slowly after removing pressure.

She started a similar feeling of swelling on her body parts, specially from elbow to wrist and from knees to ankle. She started feeling some tightness in her shoes and sandals. She decided to take an opinion of doctor and the physician told her that it can be symptoms of water retention.

What is water retention?
Water is everywhere in human body, approx 70% of our body is water. That means its obvious to have water within our muscles and other body parts. But sometime this water level starts to increase and it pumps up the whole body. So, the deposition of access water is called water retention. Water retention is also a symptom of pre-menstrual syndrome, due to this, it can be traced in women more than men. Water retention can also be a symptom of any mis-function of kidney, heart, lever or thyroid. So whenever you feel bloats or swellings on your body, be alert.


  • Drink more water - Whenever you feel the above symptoms, immediately start drinking more water through out the day. It boost up the process of "flush out system" and will remove access water from your body. 
  • Control your eating habits - Try to avoid salt, pickles, cheese, butter, processed foods and potassium enriched fruits & vegetables. Keep some distance from alcohol, tea, coffee or any caffeine stuffs, energy drinks and soft drinks. If you are taking any inflammatory drugs or any oral contraceptive pills, stop it immediately. Increase the intake of cucumber, tomato, cabbage, carrot and other water enriched food or salads.
  • Physical activities - Increase physical activities. Regularly go for a morning walk for at least 40 minutes. Try to work out five days a week. Increase involvement in other household activities. Do not stand for a longer time. Avoid wearing tight clothing.
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