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Jealous - A Cause of an Unhealthy and Unhappy Life

A jealous bird.
You can not be succeed with a jealous nature
You must work on your jealous behavior to have a healthy and happy life. If you have jealous, it creates a bad effect on your mind and soul as well as your body. If you are jealous on someone, sort it out and change your behavior as soon as possible.

Do not destroy your body
Sometime people never know, why they feel so tired always and having diseases or illness. If you will think seriously about this, you will come to know the exact reason behind it. Most of the people do follow the health relative rules, they eat well, they wake up early in the morning, they do exercise but still they become ill rapidly, because the main cause is within them. They are jealous on someone and not able to live a happier life and also affect their body. This habit is surrounded over most of the people.

No one gets help
The jealous person always have so much negativity, he do not try to grow his own life and gets so much stress by thinking about the other's success. Jealous sometime converts into the lots of Anger, which affect the balance of Mind Body and Soul. To become jealous on someone, you can not stop other's success but you are destroying your own happy and healthy life. Sometime we are enjoying in a group and suddenly a person, full of positive energy, fresh mood and a happily smile on face, joins your group. Everyone become more glad to see him but you feel upset instead of being happy, you stop laughing and give negative response with a lots of anger. Will it badly affect your health or not? The answer is within you, look into yourself and try to keep away these symptoms from you.

How to get rid of Jealous behavior
If someone is happy or got success in life, you must be involved in their happiness instead of being angry. Also you should try to have some tips or tricks to get success in your own life. If you will have jealous in your mind and soul, you will loose all of your positive powers and energy. You will always have a lot of lines of tension on your forehead. Whenever you meet someone, just try to look into their soul and explore their talent and abilities. You should compliment them from the heart. Jealous works like Poison which reduces the effect of healthy diet and exercise, always bad thinking do generates in mind. Do not be jealous, Spread the love and the happiness. I am sure you will have a more healthier and happier life.
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