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Are you Having a Risk to Loose Weight

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You must have a healthy diet plan to loose weight
Today Everyone want to be fit and slim. Specially the youth are completely crazy about fitness. They start dieting to have a curved shape. It can be very dangerous for your health if you are dieting without guidance of any qualified nutritionist. It is very harmful to loose more weight in less time with strict dieting, your body will not have proper and necessary nutrition and you will surrounded by a lots of weakness and diseases.

People takes less water and other liquids to loose weight, you can notice a weight loss but you may have dehydration problems which is very harmful for health. Specially in summer days it could be more harmful, even very dangerous for life. So, never compromise with liquids, they are very necessary part of our body. And the amazing truth is, drinking more water will help you to reduce body fat and speed up your fat-loss goals.

Hair Fall
People eat less to loose weight, it fails to give proper nutrition to your body. Protein is a most important nutrition. Hairs are made of Protein, if you will not add proper protein in your diet then your hair will become weak and you will face a big problem of hair loss as well as weak nails.

Sleeping problem
Having a strict diet plan without proper guidance, you may feel tired and weaken. This will keep you out of a deep sleep. Having less calories, affect your overall body metabolism level as well as your energy level and this is biggest reason of feeling tired and weakened all the day.

Other Health Problems
Loosing weight is a good thing. Being more fatty causes a lots of disease, but having less diet will also give you the same problems. Improper diet plan gives you muscle weakness, anemia and dehydration problems. So, loose weight but in proper guidance of qualified nutritionist.
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