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Anger - A Disaster to Destroy Your Life

An Angry Little Boy
Control your Anger
What is anger? Why it comes to mind? Is this a real disaster for life?

We should think about these questions. Just seat alone and imagine about a life without anger, I am sure it will be a beautiful and happy life.

Anger is called as a dangerous flame, which not only burn yourself, it also affect the peoples around you. There is no one here on earth, who never being angry in life. Some people think if they will not have a solution without anger, but Anger is the Problem not a Solution. It is a question not an answer. In today's busy life, people have a lots of tamper and less mental and internal power, that's why they become angry to find out the solution of some problems. Anger could not find a solution infect it will create more and more problems in life. When someone become angry, he/she loose patience & will power, That's why they can not think positively and not even can understand the situations.

Anger always gives a loss
When someone being angry for 5 minutes on boiling temperature, he destroys his ability to think or do positive for 2 hours. In this situation face becomes bloody red, having a feeling of weakness in body and increase in blood pressure. Apart then this, it reduces the power to think, to understand and ability to handle any situation. We face an internal weakness and anger becomes a habit. Anger control us every time, we become angry in every situation, it does not matter how little the situation is, anger makes it bigger more bigger and quarrels or sometimes fights take place, which not only bother us in-fact do affect other people too. No one will like to live with you. No one will like to talk to you. When people do not give you respect, it creates execration, negativity, and jealous within us. It gives you lot of tension and depression and you will not have enough power to get rid of these situations, it will ruin your happy life.

Remorse is the only end of Anger.
With anger we can not get success in any work in-fact it take us to the way opposite to success. We must understand that the problems are the part of life, it is normal to have problems in life. This is our Victory to solve them with Calm Soul and Clean Mind. Giving a negative response to the situation due to some problems is called Anger. Generally you can not control it if you have negativity, aggressive mind or jealousy for others. You must take all these emotions out of you, to have a healthy and happy life. Anger does not come suddenly, but as the time spends, slowly slowly it takes control over your mind. Proud, Respect, Goodwill, Personality and having an over smart feelings are the main cause of Superiority Complex. When any of desire never take place or some one says something opposite to us, this Superiority Complex turns into the Anger. Angry person looses his patience and can do any thing unexpected within a few seconds. But while calms down, he always feels nothing but a lot of remorse.

Control your Anger
How to control the anger? 
This is the most important question of life. To control your anger you must work seriously over it. 

First you should sit alone and think about the positive and negative results of anger. I am sure you will not come to any of positive results from anger. Think about the profit and loss, then you will realize that there is no Positive results and Profits of being Angry. But when you will give a deep thought to negative results and Loss, you will start hating the Anger. If any person hates something, he always keep it away from his life.

The another powerful way to control your anger is to increase your internal power. This power only can be increased by spiritual activities. For this, you must try to wake up early in the morning, do meditation and pray to god to show the positive ways and give some strength to fight every situation. If any problem do exist, you should understand every situation with calm soul and relax mind, then you will be able to find out the solution. It's not only to find the solution for a particular problem in-fact it creates a positive atmosphere, it stimulates your understanding power and ability to solve bigger problems. It generates a lot of self confidence within you and you will have respect and better goodwill amongst  people.

So, say goodbye to anger and keep yourself healthy and happy.
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