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If You Have to Terminate an Employee | Tips to Handle It

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How To Terminate an Employee
Its very much difficult for a team leader or manager to fire an employee. But sometime it becomes very necessary and you have to take this hardest decision. But you should take care of its after effects too.

Listen to the employee
When an employee looses his job, he may become so uncomfortable and feel so much worry about his future and family. He may get angry on you and can behave strange with you, but you should keep your self calm. Listen to him carefully and when he finishes, talk to him and make him try to understand the situation.

Inform to the team
When you fire an employee, it affect the whole team. Other employees can feel job insecurity. In that situation you must talk to your other team members and should leave a good message for them, so that they can work in the company without any hesitations.

Motivate your team
Its most necessary to motivate your whole team after you fire some one from the team. To do this, meet every employee time to time and talk with them about their working. You can give them some tips to work better and/or you can introduce some new ideas.

Reward their efforts
Each employee of company think that, his boss must appreciate his work. Being a manager, supervisor or team leader, you must reward them for their good work. This would have a positive impact on company, employee will stay for a longer time with company and also give his best to show his creativity.

Keep them away from stress
If you don't want to face this situation, to fire someone again, you must give importance to other team members' ideas & suggestions. Generally employees speak their feelings through ideas. Make them sure that they are an important part in the progress of the company. Employees will feel safe and will have no stress at all.
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