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Why Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men | Solved.

Women need more sleep than men
Women always need more sleep than men
Women sleep very less than men. They have to wake up early in the morning and due to a lot of work they go to bed late in the nights. While they need more sleep.

Women need more sleep than men do. It's proven in a survey done by Duke University, that if a woman could not get proper sleep, she faces more physical & mental issues than men. This survey was done in the leadership of clinical psychologist & sleep specialist Michael Breus, the main purpose was to analyze needs of sleep for different group of men & women. Also tried to find out, if someone does not get proper sleep, how does their body respond. According to Breus, Improper sleep affect women more, in comparison to men, they start to feel stress, show more anger and shout so loudly, specially in morning time.

How much sleep every one need
According to surveyors, the biological factors are the main reason behind the different needs of sleep. While some other experts says, Its totally depend on using mental energy through out their work done in the day time, and women use their brain more than men do. Jim Horne, CEO of sleep research center of England says, main purpose of sleep is to give some time to brain to recover & repair itself. In deep sleep, brain loose its contact with other senses and goes into repairing mode. The more you will use your brain during the day time, you will need more time to repair it in sleep.

Women needs more sleep than men
Most women are multi-tasker. They work on many tasks at the same time and use to get familiar with all these activities. That's why they use their brain more than men do. In the same manner, if a man uses the brain more during day time, he will need more sleep too. According to Horne, the men who work in a stressful atmosphere or do work on challenging tasks, they also need more sleep than any other normal person. Still he does not need that much sleep, a woman is always in need of.
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