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Make Work From Home More Comfortable.

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Make Your "Work From Home" More Easier 
Work from home is not a strange thing any more, now most companies is providing this facility to its employees. Let's see, how you can give your best by working at home.

Company always try their best to save their profit and giving options to work from home, employees are also happy with this and they do agree happily. Some self employed people or entrepreneurs' also use to work from home. It has changed the over all working style. Most people do think that, its easy to work from home, but there are a lot of challenges connected to it. The biggest challenge is to maintain and/or increase your productivity while you are working from home. You can face many disturbance in home in comparison to office. You feel so comfortable in home, it makes you lazy. So, it is really challenging and you have to give your best efforts to be more productive & focused.

Get ready to work
Work from home employees starts their work, wearing the same out fit which they wore last night. Actually we wear comfortable clothing when we want to rest. So, try not to wear that clothing during work. May be there is no one to meet you all the day, but you should wear a proper office dress during your work time at home. It does not means that you wear tie all the time in the home, but try to wear something which can energies you and you may feel a better working atmosphere.

Decide your working hours
If you work for your company from your home, you must make a working schedule and try to work according to this fixed schedule. If you were going to office on 9 am, then you must start your work at the same time.You should decide your lunch time too, take regular breaks in between and should leave your work at the pre-decided scheduled time. If you decide your work from home working hours, it makes your work easier.

Make a good work-space
You can not work properly by sitting at sofa or bed. You should make a work space at home. If you have an extra room, you can use it for working, if not, you can make some space and put your table in living room or bedroom in a proper manner.

Change your work-space
If working from home just once a week, you may work from your own home, but if regularly working from home then you must change your working methods time to time. You can work from your favorite coffee shop. You can get a membership at available co-working spaces.

Get in touch with other team member
Sometimes people, who work from home, do forget that they belongs to a team. They stop conversations with other team members. You give your best, but talk to other team member on a regular basis. You can share ideas with each other, how others are working at home.
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