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A Guide to Bed Rest in Pregnancy | Keep Stress Away

A Pregnant woman sleeping happily
Keep Stress Away all time during Pregnancy
Being a mother is the biggest dream of every women, but sometimes, due to some problems, doctor advice them for complete bed rest in pregnancy. In that situation you can use these tips to not being bored and keep stress away from you. You should look for new ideas to spend your time which will improve your mood as well as health of your child too. 

Make a schedule
Its really so tough to rest on the bed all the day and if you were a working women, it becomes more stressful. Making a schedule can help you keep busy. Whatever you do after waking up in the morning, decide a particular time for it. Give everything a proper place in schedule. Decide hours for breakfast, lunch, to make calls, internet surfing, social media uses and if you are still working from home, give it a proper timings too. It keeps your stress away and you will have chance to explore something new in remaining time.

Keep your hands busy
Bed rest in pregnancy is not about for some days, its about weeks or even months. Continuous watching television or movies will make you bored and you will feel that you are doing nothing and just sitting alone. And as I said, if you are a working women, you can not face this boredom for a longer period. To keep yourself REAL busy, you must use your hands. You can start painting, you can write whatever you want to, or you can do anything which keeps your hand busy. By doing something on your own will keep you fresh everyday and you will stay in a good mood during this period.

How about a get together
Plan a get together with your friends, you can invite them as a couple. If you would not try to meet people during your bed rest and keep yourself alone all the time, your good mood will turn into stress in some days, which can leads to many problems and it is possible that you can give birth to a pre-mature child. Stress is really bad for you and your child. To keep stress away from you, you may play some sitting games with your friends and organize a small party with the help of your family members. Must keep in touch with your friends, it gives you positive energy.

Do anything which makes you happy
When doctor has advised you for a bed rest, you can not ignore it at all. You should not be unhappy. Do something which makes you happy. Call your besties to spend some time with you. Eat something which you like the most. And the best part is, spend some quality time with your partner, it will decrease your anxiety which is very much needed for the health of your unborn baby.

Be Happy. Live Happy.
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