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Got Married? Get Ready For Quarrels.

Couple Fighting after marriage
Quarrels after marriage are now common.
It is stated that, where there is love, there is quarrels. A husband-wife relationship can not be stay out of it. Quarrels are a part of married life. However, we should try to make distance from any situation which can be turned into quarrels. There are some circumstances which gives birth to quarrels, you should avoid them.

Many different surveys proved that, the main reason behind a husband & wife quarrel is television. You may try to hide the remote from your spouse but this is not that much effective. Who is more powerful amongst you, remote will be in his/her hand only. It makes quarrel. To avoid this situation, maintain a time table, you have to compromise with some programs and your partner has to do the same. But at least you both will be able to watch some of your favorite programs and will keep you away from any bad mood.

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Just Nothing
Mostly, when you ask your partner "what happened?" and you get in return an answer "Nothing"; it turns you ON and the quarrel starts. Actually there are many misunderstandings takes place because of this "nothing". Try to make your partner understand that, listening a proper answer is how important and this is applicable for both of you.

You believe it or not, Bathroom can be a reason for a big quarrel between husband & wife. After bathing, if you don't put things at their proper place, you put brush & paste out of their holder, not flushing every time or just using bathroom for a longer time, these situations are the ones which can be a reason for a quarrel. You both must decide things over the topic, you have to learn bathroom etiquette.

It does not matter how old your child is, you must have to spend some time with them. Little child can be happy with their toys or you may speak them a story and they will be comfortable but you have to give some time if your child is now grown up. If you do not want to turn this situation into a quarrel, you must decide your timings for the child. It can be about take them to school or leaving them for tuition or other activity classes. You both must divide your time and you can keep yourself away from any unwanted situations.

Husband & wife both should have take care of their financial needs and spends. If you will spend unusually, it can make your partner angry. It is also reverse situation too, if your partner will spend more money, it will make you angry, doesn't it? To get rid of this situation, a very simple idea is here, you have to make three accounts. First Me account, second You account and third We account. whoever want to spend money, use me account. And of course the we account will keeps you close and increase love into your relationship.

Whenever someone visits our home, it make us happy but it increases some workload too. You have to take care of their needs, their shopping, you have to cook for them and most important, you have to keep them entertained. It creates happiness when someone visits you for a short time but their long stay can make you and/or your partner uncomfortable. You must talk to your guests and you can try to know about their return planning. If you will know their return time, it will keep your stress low. You both must share the work load during any guests stay.
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