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Why Every Women Should Eat Three Bananas A Day

Women Eating Banana
Three Bananas can keep doctor away
Do you know, just by eating three bananas a day, you can get rid of many health problems as well  as keep your self healthy & fit. Its more helpful for every girls, it helps you in PSM and other heart related diseases.

Banana keeps your heart healthy
It has been proven in some recent researches that death due to heart problems is rapidly increasing, specially in women. As soon as you will start eating Bananas, you will live a longer life. Banana has a good amount of fiber, which is so good for heart. An average sized banana has at least 3.1 gram of quality fiber, 1.3 gram of protein and 422 milligram of potassium. Eating three bananas a day will keep your heart healthy and will reduce any chance of heart problems in future. 

Keeps you happy during PSM
Banana also has great amount of vitamin B6, which balance glucose ratio in blood and controls any mood swing. It helps you to fight with symptoms during PSM. If you don't like/want to eat three bananas everyday, at least try to eat in your period days. It will decrease stomach & back pain and will make you happy.

It controls your blood pressure
Some years ago, high blood pressure can be considered as old man's disease but nowadays it can be found in most 20 years old girls. Bananas have more potassium and less sodium, even potassium helps to control effect of sodium. On an average every one needs 1300 milligram of potassium everyday, which can be taken easily from three bananas everyday.

Balance magnesium level
Every one needs at least 320 milligram of magnesium every day which help you to get fit and be healthy. It make your sleep better and helps you to keep positive mood all the day. Unbalanced magnesium can make you miffed, tired, worried and weakens your heart & memory power. Three bananas can give you 80 milligrams of Magnesium which helps you to keep balance because we don't get proper magnesium through our daily meals. It also make your heart more healthier.

Keeps away anemia
Blood amount decreases in Anemia, it happens due to lack of Iron in body. Bananas have a good amount of iron which increases red blood cells in body. Vitamin B6 controls your blood sugar levels. Low amount of Vitamin B6 can also be a reason of Anemia.

It improves the brain
As it has been proven that bananas have a good amount of potassium & magnesium, both minerals are so important for development of brain. Potassium provides oxygen to the brain and magnesium repairs electrical activities between brain and nerves. Eating three bananas a day, active your brain and improve memory. It also keeps you away from Alzheimer and other harmful diseases.
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