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Dandelion Flower | A cure for many diseases

Dandelion Flower
Dandelion | A Precious Flower 

Dandelion flower contains vitamin B, C & D, Silicon, Zinc and Potassium, which are so useful for a good health. These flowers can give us many profits like it helps to grow cells and also increase immune response. Apart from these, dandelion is useful to treat constipation, Liver diseases, jaundice, and Viral Fever. These flowers are very useful for the breast feeding women. 

Stronger Bones
Dandelion flowers has a good amount of potassium which helps to make your bone stronger. It also has antioxidant, vitamin C and Luteolin which can cure any bone related problems even in older age people. 

Keeps Your Lever Healthier
Dandelion is well known for its property to keep liver much healthier. It contains Vitamin C and Luteolin which helps liver to work efficiently. It also cure gastrointestinal tissues related problems.

Helps to Cure Diabetes
We can make juice from these flowers, its juice has magical property to cure diabetes in very less time. Actually this juice helps to increase circulation of insulin. Dandelion juice is so much bitter in taste but this bitterish taste is very useful to control blood sugar level.

Healthier Skin
Dandelion flower helps to decrease microbial and fungal infections. Antioxidants are helpful to cure acne, specially it's very helpful to treat acne which comes in a teenage.

Helpful in Jaundice
Jaundice is a liver related disease. In jaundice, circulation of PITT increases and it get mingled in blood stream which can affect body metabolism. It makes your skin color yellow. Taking dandelion flower's juice regularly will control this bile circulation.

Helps to Fight Cancer
The antioxidant found in dandelion flowers, plays an important role to keep free-radicals away from body. According to experts, Dandelion can cure swelling and also keep the blood in pure form, these properties can cure cancer cell and secures non-infected cells.

High Blood Pressure
Dandelion juice have some diuretic properties too which increase urination. Actually urination is very effective way to control blood pressure. Apart of this it has fiber which can keep your cholesterol level low.

But Keep in Mind
However, Dandelion flower are effective to cure blood sugar level, but if someone is taking medicine to control diabetes, he should not take dandelion juice in any condition. If you are applying essence of dandelion flower on your skin and it gives you some inflammation, stop using it immediately.
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