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Keep Bad Breath Smells Away

Bad breath odor
Breathing odor - how to control

Do your friends complaint you about your bad breathing smell or even more worst, they avoid to talking with you, don't worry, try this out.

If you have bed breathing smells problem, you can control it through have some vitamin C enriched foods and a special tea. Yes, tea is also helpful to get rid of mouth stinks.

Take some water into your mouth, shake it within your mouth for several times and then its upon you, drink it or just spit it. You also can make your breath refreshed by keeping your body's water level high. Because when our body's water level downs, it decreases or stops creating saliva within mouth. This saliva cleans stink causes bacteria and the stink does not come.

Vitamin C
Oranges, sweet lemon or any other sweet fruits of same species, Lemon or any other sour fruit of same species contains so much vitamin c within. This vitamin is very helpful to keep bed smell away. Vitamin C also known as an element which fights with bacteria.

When we eat apple, it increases saliva making process. In other words, it cleans our mouth and flush out the bacteria. After that, stink does not come up.

Cinnamon Tea
Cinnamon is a member of spice family, generally it used to make delicious food but if you use a little amount of cinnamon into your tea, it will keep bed breath away from your mouth.
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