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Keep Yourself Happy & Healthy in Older Age

Old Happy People
Happy Old Age Life
Generally, old people try to make a distance from working out. They feel that, working out can harm their body which is already become so weak. But the truth is, they need more exercise in comparison to their past life. To get fit in growing older age, people must keep them active in some physical activities while they decrease it and stats keep resting most of the time. That is the particular reason, most of the older people are infected with many diseases.

Keep it simple
You may go for jogging in morning or evening. You can play Badminton or you can go for cycling. You may join any senior citizen club and keep yourself busy in some social work which can increase your physical activities.

Walking & Jogging
Walking is the most famous exercise for old age people. This exercise already secured a place amongst the most helpful exercises, because it can be done without spending a penny out of your pocket. If you can fast walk for 20 minute everyday regularly, then you must try walk-jog program. In this program, you need to walk for a minute and jog for a minute and so on.
Profits - It decrease any chance of weight gaining. Also helps in heart problems, strokes, diabetes and osteoporosis. It makes your muscle stronger, specially the muscles in your lower body.
Be careful - If you never done jogging ever before then you must consult to your doctor before starting it. Take your partner or a friend with you for jogging, it will keep you regular and you will feel no boredom. Do not walk slowly or so fast, walk in a decent speed. Take care of yourself while jogging.

Do some Exercise
If you think that working out is just for teenagers, then you must change your opinion right now. Today, there are a lot of people working out in the gym who have seen more than 60 autumns of their life.
Profits - It has been proved in many studies that regular work out not only gives us protection from Arthritis, heart disease or diabetes but it also helps people which are already infected by these problems. Working out keeps tension low and support you to have a great pleasing mood.
Be careful - Must do warm up before work out and stretching/cool down after work out. Stop working out if you feel discomfiture, dizziness, slight headache or tired. Working out in these situation may have a negative effect on your health.

Running is a great exercise. Its a effective way to get fit at any age. If you have started running since your adulthood, do not stop it in your old age. According to a study, the people who runs regularly, have 30% less chance to get affect by any mental illness in their old age.
Profits - Running for 30 minutes a day, five days a week can increase your life. Running also decrease risk of stroke, breast cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. Running also make your immunity stronger and also repairs lungs functionality.
Be careful - If you are older than 60 years and your body weight is more than average and/or you already have some disease, then never start running without the suggestion of a doctor. Do proper warm-up before running and take care according to seasons. Don't let your water level down in summer.
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