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Saffron | For Better Brain Health

saffron leaves
Health Benefit of Saffron

Saffron doesn’t only to be used for fair complexion but it is very effective remedy for many health problems like stomach problems, heart disease, coldness & insomnia etc. It contains magnesium which controls blood sugar and also makes our bone stronger. Saffron also contains Vitamin C, which give us power to fight with infections. Saffron is also very useful to cure skin diseases. 

Saffron also contains carotenoids which boost our immunity. Drinking milk with saffron increases our body’s energy level. According to Manchester University, It is very useful in inflammations. 

Effective in Cancer 
Some studies found that, eating saffron regularly can decrease the risk of cancer. It contains a good amount of carotenoids which has anti-cancer properties. It reduces the risk of breast cancer. According to a study in America, saffron reduces the activeness of cancer cells. 

Effective in Arthritis 
A study done in Italy has found that, it is very helpful to people who have arthritis problems. According to University of Maryland Medical Center, it is very useful to reduce effectiveness of arthritis problems. Beside of these, for lever, kidney and to reduce bone-marrow disorder, everyone must drink milk with saffron. 

Increases Eye Sight 
The natural component contains in saffron can cure poor eye sight & retina related problems. According to a study done in university of Sidney, through eating saffron, eye sight can be improved even in old age people. That is why everyone must include saffron in his diet. 

Treats Insomnia 
If you are suffering from depression and/or insomnia, you can’t sleep well in night, and then you must include saffron in your daily meals. It contains crocin compound which promotes a good sleep. 

For Good Digestion 
Saffron is very useful to treat digestion related problems. It contains many anti-oxidants which is very effective in digestive disorder. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which cures stomach ulcer. Taking saffron in pregnancy is recommended by professionals. 

Promotes Good Brain Health 
Many studies have found that saffron improves memory & learning abilities. It is also very helpful for people suffering from Alzheimer. Another study has found that saffron can improve your mood. And not only this, it is also very helpful to the people who are suffering from schizophrenia.
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