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Beautiful shining skin is a dream for everyone. If skin is spotted & having open pores with lots of wrinkles & pimples, then no one can look beautiful, even if she/he has a good face cut. Beautiful skin not only increases your beauty, even it grows your self-confidence too. If you also want to have a beautiful skin, then try these easy remedies. 

Balanced Diet
The secret of shining skin is balanced diet. Have the foods with lot of nutrition, like fruits & green vegetables. Eat the foods full of Omega-3 fatty acids. Due to low level of Iron & Vitamin-B12, skin becomes yellow and looks dead. Dry fruits and nuts are good source of Vitamin – E which helps skin to keep its beauty. You want rosy cheeks, then go out in fresh air. Do some exercise in morning sun-rays full of fresh air atmosphere, do some practice of “Pranayama”, it will clear your pores, gives fair complexion and increase blood circulation. 

Exfoliate The Skin
Our skin regularly makes new cells and old cells stays on the top of skin and your face may look like it has no life. Exfoliate the skin and remove old dead cells regularly and your skin will look bright and full of life. Don’t use soap. Our skin has a thin layer called acid mental. This layer helps us to fight against bacteria and keeps our skin moisturized. Using soap may destroy this layer and will damage to our skin. 

Sleep Is Essential 
During sleep, our skin renew it self. In sleep time, collagen increases and secures the elasticity. Many researches have proved that the people who take less sleep, their skin couldn’t renew it self and they look less attractive. So take at least 8 hours of tight sleep every night and make sure to maintain your bed time schedule. Pamper the skin. Most of us hate to apply oil on our face but the truth is many oils are really very good for our skin. Jojoba oil very good for oily skin and almond oil & grape seed oil is good for every type of skin. 

Search In The Kitchen
Have a look into your kitchen before going to beauty parlour and spend a lot of money on massage and facial. A lot of kitchen products are actually beauty products too. Olive oil, brown sugar, honey and salt are friends of your skin. If you have acne, just massage for a while with ice cube then apply honey mask and later wash it off with salted water. You may see its result almost in no time. Boil Cabbage, Cucumber and Bottle Gourd in the water and make a paste to apply on your face, your skin will shine like never before. Be relaxed. Stress affects the skin in many ways. So take some help from meditation, yoga and exercise to terminate the stress.
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