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Must Add These Foods In Your Diet

Healthy Diet Foods
Must Have Foods In Your Daily Diet

We include many foods in our diet to keep ourselves fit mentally & physically. Due to that thought, we eat many important and nutritional foods every day. If we give some more attention, there are many avoided foods which we can include in our diet and make ourselves healthier. Let’s take a look on those foods, which make us stronger – 

Don’t understand onion as a normal food. Onion has some elements known as Flavonoids, which prevents accumulation of fats into artery. Onion has antioxidant property and save us from heart diseases & cancer. Onion can cure swelling. Onion has potassium which keeps our kidneys healthy. 

Flex Seeds 
Flex seeds are well known for Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps our immune system to be stronger. It has a lot of fiber, which gives relief in stomach & intestine swelling and also helps digestion process. Fiber control or even reduce the bad cholesterol level. 

Eating lemons gives us a lot of health profits. Lemon is very effective detoxifier. Everyday squeeze a lemon into a glass of lukewarm water and drinking it will expel all the toxins out of your body. It has a lot of quantity of vitamin-C which is very important for our body. It contains antioxidants too, which keep us away from cancer. It has more than 20 anti-cancer compounds. 

Garlic also has a lot of good properties. It clean ups the blood veins and also decreases the blood pressure. It also has antioxidants and anti-cancer properties like lemon, it helps to expel out the elements which are not good for our body. It also kicks out viruses and bacteria from our body. Garlic also helps in cleaning of bronchiole, lungs and sinus. Garlic makes our immune system stronger. 

Spinach increases hemoglobin. It contains flavonoids which act as a very good anti-oxidant and helps to fight with heart related diseases & increases immunity. Presence of beta-carotene & vitamin-C prevents tuberculosis. Spinach also has good amount of iron, which is important for our body and spinach is an easy source of getting it. 

Cabbage is also good for our health. It contains anti-oxidants & anti-cancer compounds. It has anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties which clean gastrointestinal system & keep the stomach temperature low. It also gives energy to our body. Fiber properties of cabbage also give us a lot of health profits.
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