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Weight Loss? Don’t Do These Mistakes

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Common Mistakes You Do To Loose Weight
Losing weight is not a simple task. Most of the times you think you are trying your best, doing exercise regularly and eating less than before, but still not able to achieve your weight loss goals. Actually, sometime you don’t know that whatever you doing, it is really good or not. Let’s see some common mistakes people make which doesn’t let achieve your weight loss goals

Your weight loss plan should not be like that you are torturing yourself of your body. You can achieve your weight loss target by applying some smart healthy habits like jogging in the early morning is really helpful for losing weight.

Only Cardio
There are so many studies that show cardio is not only the way to reduce fat. You should not do cardio in your all 1 hour workout session. If you include some weight training in your workout session, it will help you to achieve your fat loss target more quickly. You may include weight training 2-3 times in a week.

Eating Less
Many people believe that if they will eat less, their fat will reduce and they will lose some weight. Those people reduce the amount of food they eat but they don’t include healthy foods in their diet. Eating less but unhealthy food will never help you to reduce fat. Experts say, Instead of eating less, eat little amount of food more number of times like eat little portion 5-6 times a day. Include fruits, vegetables, lean protein and all type of grains in your diet. 

More Exercise
To reduce weight, people always concentrate on exercise. In that case most of the people start doing more and more exercise to achieve their target as soon as possible. Doing more exercise may harm your muscles and also body stress will increase. Muscles need proper rest for recovery. Give some breaks between your exercises. Give proper rest to your body.

Eat Anything
People always do this mistake; they believe that after joining a gym and doing regular exercise will help them to reduce body fat and now they can eat anything. This is completely wrong in every way. So always mind whatever you eat should be healthy only. You have to follow a balanced diet to reduce body fat. 

Reduced Sleep
According to a study, the people who sleep less, they have more carving for food and they have more chance of getting fat than a person who sleeps well. So if you are trying to lose fat but not having good sleep, then you cannot reduce your body weight. As per experts, you must sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Women need more sleep than men.

Following Other’s Diet
This is the most common mistake people make when they start their weight loss journey. They see some good results in other people like friends and/or relative and start following their diet plan. You must have to understand that every human is different and everyone’s need is different. The diet that is working on their body type doesn’t mean it will work on your body too. Many people share their diet plan on social media and other people get attract by their achievement and start copying their diet chart. Instead of doing this, first balance your diet plan, include proper ratio of carbs, protein and fat in your each meal. Have an eye on your calorie meter, how much calories you are eating and how much actually you need to eat to lose weight. Reduce your calorie intake slowly and you will see positive results. Protein is an essential part of weight loss journey. Include proper protein in your diet as per your age & body weight.
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