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On July 25, 2016. I started Life Hacker India. Due to it's fast growing success, I started getting guest blogging requests frequently. And now it's time to open our doors for all creative and experienced bloggers out there like you.

Please read each and every point written here before requesting for your guest posting.

We are so glad to welcome you as a guest blogger. If you’d like to have a guest post featured on Life Hacker India, please email contribute@lifehackerindia.com a short profile info, a link to your previous posts/blogs and your desired topic, on which you want to contribute to Life Hacker India.

As we want our blog profile strictly up & progressive, we will scrutinize your posts and then decide whether you are eligible to write for us or not. After successful approval, we will send you an invitation for contribution via email. It does not mean that the rejected bloggers will be banned to submit any blog post. However, your post is not selected but we will send you an email with tips to improve your post. You can apply the changes and re-submit it.

If you are the one who is about to write for us, please take a look on these guest post submission guidelines

1. Content - All content must be written by you and never used before anywhere else on internet. Your post should strictly related to the topic and have a minimum of 500 words (more is always good). 

2. Quality - Your post must maintain a good quality formatting. Use head lines, sub headings, bullets, bold texts wherever applicable. Try to include search engine optimized keywords in posts. Use internal links to Life Hacker India's other post, if applicable. Always edit and proofread your post 2-3 times before submission.

3. Self Credit - You don't have to write self promotion lines in/after posts. We understand your needs and your blogger profile description will automatically displayed with your name & profile photo below your posts.

4. Link Back - We know the worth of guest bloggers and we want to reward them for their hard work. You will be allowed to use one link back to your external work in your post submission. 

Tip : You can use a link back in your Blogger profile description, this will be displayed on every post written by you and you don't have to think about your link back in post, this will help you to be more dedicated to blog post only.

5. Topics - Currently Life Hacker India is looking for the guest post on the selected topics which includes LifeStyle, Health, Technology, Inspirational, Office, Entrepreneur, Relationship and Beauty. You will be notified if new topics added.

Be patient. If you believe, you have done the best work possible, your blog post will be featured on Life Hacker India as soon as possible.

After your post goes live,  you -
  • Can share your post with your followers and promote it on social media.
  • Can not advertise it on any paid to visit/click sites.
  • Should check, read and reply to any comment you receive on your posts.
So, what are you waiting for, send an email to contribute@lifehackerindia.com and get invitation for being a part of a fastest growing readers community.
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